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Luxor API Python libary

This Library / Client implements a subset of available endpoints. API Docs can be found here: Docs.

Get Started

To get started, you will need the following basic information:

  • Endpoint:
  • Organization Slug: luxor
  • API Key: Generated through Luxor UI

Library Usage

Luxor is divided in two parts, the first one containing the GraphQL API requests and the second adds resolvers for the API output.

Code Snippet

from luxor import API
from resolvers import RESOLVERS

API = API(host = '', method = 'POST', org = 'luxor', key = 'lxk514e9be027b9a132b1aa39bab818a12e')

resp = API.method(parameters)
resolved = RESOLVERS.method(resp)

Command Line Usage

To get started and get params help run:

python -h


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-e HOST, --endpoint=HOST
-o ORG, --organization=ORG
Organization Slug
-k KEY, --key=KEY
Profile API Key
-m METHOD, --method=METHOD
API Request method
-f FUNCTION, --function=FUNCTION
API Class method
-q QUERY, --method=QUERY
API Request query
-p PARAMS, --params=PARAMS
API Request params
-d DF, --df=DF
Pandas DataFrame

Example usage:

python3 -k KEY -f get_transaction_history -p username,BTC,10