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A filter to be used against GetMinerFeesRecord object types. All fields are combined with a logical ‘and.’

type GetMinerFeesRecordFilter {
email: StringFilter
username: StringFilter
currency: CurrencyProfileNameFilter
poolFee: BigFloatFilter
and: [GetMinerFeesRecordFilter!]
or: [GetMinerFeesRecordFilter!]
not: GetMinerFeesRecordFilter


email (StringFilter)

Filter by the object’s email field.

username (StringFilter)

Filter by the object’s username field.

currency (CurrencyProfileNameFilter)

Filter by the object’s currency field.

poolFee (BigFloatFilter)

Filter by the object’s poolFee field.

and ([GetMinerFeesRecordFilter!])

Checks for all expressions in this list.

or ([GetMinerFeesRecordFilter!])

Checks for any expressions in this list.

not (GetMinerFeesRecordFilter)

Negates the expression.