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A filter to be used against User object types. All fields are combined with a logical ‘and.’

type UserFilter {
rowId: IntFilter
username: StringFilter
createdAt: DatetimeFilter
updatedAt: DatetimeFilter
miners: UserToManyMinerFilter
minersExist: Boolean
and: [UserFilter!]
or: [UserFilter!]
not: UserFilter


rowId (IntFilter)

Filter by the object’s rowId field.

username (StringFilter)

Filter by the object’s username field.

createdAt (DatetimeFilter)

Filter by the object’s createdAt field.

updatedAt (DatetimeFilter)

Filter by the object’s updatedAt field.

miners (UserToManyMinerFilter)

Filter by the object’s miners relation.

minersExist (Boolean)

Some related miners exist.

and ([UserFilter!])

Checks for all expressions in this list.

or ([UserFilter!])

Checks for any expressions in this list.

not (UserFilter)

Negates the expression.