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General information about a coin

type CurrencyProfile implements Node {
id: ID!
name: CurrencyProfileName!
minimumPaymentThreshold: BigFloat!
maximumPaymentThreshold: BigFloat!
minimumPaymentIntervalHours: Int!
maximumPaymentIntervalHours: Int!
supportsCatalyst: Boolean!


id (ID!)

A globally unique identifier. Can be used in various places throughout the system to identify this single value.

name (CurrencyProfileName!)

Coin name

minimumPaymentThreshold (BigFloat!)

Minimum payment threshold for a coin

maximumPaymentThreshold (BigFloat!)

Maximum payment threshold for a coin

minimumPaymentIntervalHours (Int!)

Minimum payment interval in hours for a coin

maximumPaymentIntervalHours (Int!)

Maximum payment interval in hours for a coin

supportsCatalyst (Boolean!)

Represents if a coin supports Catalyst



An object with a globally unique ID.