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type Profile implements Node {
id: ID!
rowId: Int!
firstName: String
lastName: String
email: String
twoFactorEnabled: Boolean
emailVerified: Boolean
fullName: String
kycDeadline: Datetime
kycStatus: KycStatusEnum
organization: Organization


id (ID!)

A globally unique identifier. Can be used in various places throughout the system to identify this single value.

rowId (Int!)

User ID

firstName (String)

User first name

lastName (String)

User last name

email (String)

User email

twoFactorEnabled (Boolean)

Represents a boolean if the user has enabled 2fa

emailVerified (Boolean)

fullName (String)

Represents the combination of first and last names

kycDeadline (Datetime)

kycStatus (KycStatusEnum)

organization (Organization)

Organization that the user belongs to



An object with a globally unique ID.