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The public wallet type exposed to end users

type Wallet implements Node {
id: ID!
rowId: Int!
address: String
paymentIntervalHours: Int
paymentThreshold: Float
currencyProfileName: CurrencyProfileName!
isFrozen: Boolean
pendingBalance: BigFloat
remainingFreezingTime: Float


id (ID!)

A globally unique identifier. Can be used in various places throughout the system to identify this single value.

rowId (Int!)

address (String)

Wallet address

paymentIntervalHours (Int)

Wallet payment interval in hours

paymentThreshold (Float)

Wallet payment threshold

currencyProfileName (CurrencyProfileName!)

Wallet coin name

isFrozen (Boolean)

pendingBalance (BigFloat)

Represents the pending amount for payment

remainingFreezingTime (Float)



An object with a globally unique ID.