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Returns the details of all workers in a profile

mpn: MiningProfileName!
duration: IntervalInput!
first: Int = 0
last: Int = 0
offset: Int = 0
before: Cursor
after: Cursor
): MinerDetailMaterializedsConnection


mpn (MiningProfileName!)

duration (IntervalInput!)

first (Int)

Only read the first n values of the set.

last (Int)

Only read the last n values of the set.

offset (Int)

Skip the first n values from our after cursor, an alternative to cursor based pagination. May not be used with last.

before (Cursor)

Read all values in the set before (above) this cursor.

after (Cursor)

Read all values in the set after (below) this cursor.



A connection to a list of MinerDetailMaterialized values.