What is Catalyst?

Catalyst allows miners to get paid in Bitcoin with any alt-coin miner. If your machine can mine one of our supported coins, then you can mine Bitcoin today. Just register for a user account, turn on Catalyst, and start earning satoshis.

How to enable Catalyst?

Enabling Catalyst is extremely simple, you need:

  • A Luxor account
  • A Bitcoin Wallet Address
  • Mine one of our supported Altcoins

After you login into our Pool, you’ll need to add a Bitcoin address. To do so, navigate to the subaccount you're mining, select Bitcoin from the top-left dropdown and update your Bitcoin address. Then, you can enable Catalyst from the Catalyst Tab located in the Miners page.

Supported Coins

We currently support Catalyst for ZCash, Horizen and LTC/DOGE merged mining. Catalyst is not available for Sia.

How does it work under-the-hood?

The mining process remains untouched. Miners start hashing one of the supported altcoins and their account gets paid out through our PPS reward structure. The only difference is that we are purchashing your hashrate in Bitcoin.