Derivatives Tools


ISDA Documentation

Please reach out to the Luxor Derivatives Team using our Contact Form (opens in a new tab) for our latest copies of the ISDA Master Agreement, Schedule to the Master, & Credit Support Annex (CSA).

KYC / AML Process

For more information on the Luxor Derivatives Team’s KYC and AML process, please contact the team through our Contact Form (opens in a new tab).

Luxor Position Manager

Newly onboarded participants can view positions, P&L, account balances, and daily mark-to-market on Luxor’s Position Manager. To register for access to the platform, please start here (opens in a new tab).

Luxor Derivatives Blog

To register for Luxor’s Derivatives Blog, where we post in-depth market analysis on a bi-weekly basis, please enter your information here: Blog (opens in a new tab).

Luxor Hedging Calculator

The Luxor Derivatives team has provided a sample hedging calculator for participants to use in building out their hedging strategies: Hedging Calculator (opens in a new tab).

Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) Requirements

In order to participate in Luxor’s Hashprice markets, counterparties must fullfill the following requirements:

An entity that is classified by the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) based on its regulated status or amount of assets. The definition of "Eligible Contract Participant" (ECP) is found in Section 1a(18) of the CEA (7 U.S.C. § 1a(18) (opens in a new tab)). ECP classification permits these persons to engage in transactions (such as trading on a derivatives transaction execution facility) not generally available to non-eligible contract participants such as retail customers. These entities include, among others:

  • Corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, organizations, trusts, or other entities with more than $10 million in assets, or any entity guaranteed by such entity.
  • Entities with a net worth of at least $1 million that are hedging commercial risk.

General Disclosure Statement for Transactions

Please find our general disclosure documents here (opens in a new tab).