Welcome to Luxor Technologies, where we build future-forward Bitcoin mining products and services to the next generation Bitcoin miner. Everything that we build at Luxor Mining is inspired on our vision that compute power, e.g. hashrate, is a vital commodity, and Bitcoin miners its commodity producers.

About Luxor

Luxor Technologies was conceived by a group visionary software engineers who identified the need for cutting-edge tools and infrastructure in the dynamic world of Bitcoin mining. We acknowledge that hashrate is an emerging digital commodity, and our mission is to construct robust software and services that support establishing hashrate as such.

Since 2017, Luxor Mining has developed a wide array of solutions designed to streamline and scale Bitcoin mining infrastructure. The Luxor product suite encompasses:

We ardently endorse the Nakamoto consensus (Proof-of-Work) as the sole verified and tested method to secure a decentralized platform. We predict that the future of decentralized finance will necessitate responsible Bitcoin miners, capable of efficiently managing energy to maintain network security. As a result, Luxor's suite of products was designed under a unified vision: viewing, treating, and positioning hashrate as a critical commodity.

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