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CGminer commands



Provides the summary of all miner statistics.


$ echo '{"command": "summary"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq


$ echo '{"command": "summary"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq
  "STATUS": [
      "Code": 11,
      "Description": "LUXminer 2024.2.19.131822-ef17c0c4",
      "Msg": "Summary",
      "STATUS": "S",
      "When": 1672770089
  "SUMMARY": [
      "Accepted": 179,
      "Best Share": 262144,
      "Device Hardware%": 0.0,
      "Device Rejected%": 0.0,
      "Difficulty Accepted": 6094848,
      "Difficulty Rejected": 0,
      "Difficulty Stale": 0,
      "Discarded": 0,
      "Elapsed": 2330,
      "Found Blocks": 0,
      "GHS 30m": 13713.97,
      "GHS 5s": 13084.18,
      "GHS av": 13701.74,
      "Get Failures": 0,
      "Getworks": 148,
      "Hardware Errors": 19,
      "Last getwork": 1672770079,
      "Local Work": 0,
      "Network Blocks": 0,
      "Pool Rejected%": 0.0,
      "Pool Stale%": 0.0,
      "Rejected": 0,
      "Remote Failures": 0,
      "Stale": 0,
      "Total MH": 13701749.071048405,
      "Utility": 17.35,
      "Work Utility": 21.87
  "id": 1

Field details

AcceptedTotal number of accepted shares.
Best ShareHighest accepted share difficulty.
Device Hardware%Always zero.
Device Rejected%Always zero.
Difficulty AcceptedTotal difficulty of accepted shares.
Difficulty RejectedTotal difficulty of rejected, non-stale shares.
Difficulty StaleTotal difficulty of stale shares.
DiscardedAlways zero.
ElapsedNumber of seconds since the miner started.
Found BlocksAlways zero.
Get FailuresAlways zero.
GetworksTotal number of jobs received.
Hardware ErrorsTotal number of CRC/Hash errors.
Last getworkUnix time of the last received job.
Local WorkAlways zero.
GHS 30mHashrate, in GH/s, of the last 30 minutes.
GHS 5sHashrate, in GH/s, of the last 5 seconds.
GHS avAverage hashrate in GH/s.
Network BlocksAlways zero.
Pool Rejected%Percentage of rejected, non-stale shares.
Pool Stale%Percentage of stale shares.
RejectedNumber of rejected, non-stale shares.
Remote FailuresAlways zero.
StaleNumber of stale shares.
Total MHSame as GHS av, but in MH/s.
UtilityNumber of submitted shares per minute.
Work UtilityNumber of received jobs per minute.