API Docs
cgminer commands



Lists basic runtime configuration information. This command exists mostly for CGMiner compatibility; if you are interested in changing the runtime configuration, it is better to look into luxminer-specific commands.


$ echo '{"command": "config"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq


$ echo '{"command": "config"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq
  "CONFIG": [
      "ASC Count": 3,
      "BcastAddr": "",
      "CurtailMode": "None",
      "DHCP": true,
      "Device Code": "",
      "FPGABuildIdHex": "0x22111417",
      "FPGABuildIdStr": "2022-11-14 17:00",
      "Gateway": "",
      "Hostname": "LuxOS",
      "Hotplug": "None",
      "IPAddr": "",
      "ImmersionMode": false,
      "IsAtmEnabled": false,
      "IsTuning": false,
      "IsPowerSupplyOn": true,
      "IsSingleVoltage": false,
      "Log Interval": 0,
      "MACAddr": "08:F3:2A:75:81:92",
      "Model": "Antminer S9",
      "NetMask": "",
      "OS": "LuxOS",
      "PGA Count": 0,
      "Pool Count": 3,
      "Strategy": "Failover",
      "UpdateOnStartup": "full",
      "UpdateOnTimeout": "full",
      "UpdateOnUser": "full",
      "UpdateSource": "https://storage.googleapis.com/luxor-firmware/stable",
      "UpdateTimeout": 60
  "STATUS": [
      "Code": 33,
      "Description": "cgminer 1.0.0",
      "Msg": "CGMiner config",
      "STATUS": "S",
      "When": 1672770089
  "id": 1

Field details

ASC CountNumber of boards, as defined in luxminer.toml (see Configuration).
BcastAddrMiner broadcast address.
CurtailModelEither None, Sleep or WakeUp.
DHCPtrue if the miner is using a dynamic IP address.
CurtailModelEither None, Idle, Sleep or WakeUp.
Device CodeAlways "".
FPGABuildIdHexFPGA build ID, in hex.
FPGABuildIdStrFPGA build ID, as string.
HotplugAlways "None".
IPAddrMiner IP address.
ImmersionModetrue if immersion mode is enabled.
IsTunningtrue if the autotuner is running.
IsPowerSupplyOntrue if the power supply is on.
IsSingleVoltagetrue if the machine supports only a single voltage value.
Log IntervalAlways zero.
MACAddrMiner MAC address.
ModelMiner model.
OSAlways "LuxOS".
PGA CountAlways zero.
Pool CountNumber of pools, as defined on luxminer.toml (see Configuration).
StrategyAlways "Failover".