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Available Commands

Available commands

This is the full list of available commands on the LUXminer API:

addgroup [1]Adds a new group with a given name and quota.
addpool [1] [3]Adds a new pool to the first group.
ascShows the details of a single ASIC board.
asccountReturns the number of ASIC boards.
atmDisplays ATM configuration.
atmset [1] [2]Changes ATM configuration.
autotunergetDisplays autotuner configuration.
autotunerset [1] [2]Changes autotuner configuration.
checkChecks if a command exists and if it is available.
coinAlways zeros; exists only for compatibility.
configLists system configuration.
curtail [2]Executes the curtailment action.
devdetails [3]Shows hardware information about the connected devices.
devsProvides a detailed report of the ASIC boards.
disableboard [1] [2]Disables a board.
disablepool [1]Disables a pool.
edevsSame as devs.
enableboard [1] [2]Enables a board.
enablepool [1]Enables a pool.
estatsShows a variety of miner stats.
fansDisplays fan statistics and params.
fanset [1] [2]Sets the speed-related params of the fans.
frequencygetReturns the frequency of one or all chips of a given board.
frequencyset [2] [4]Sets a target frequency for one or more chips of a given board.
frequencystop [2]Stops the frequency change of a frequencyset command.
groupquota [1]Sets the quota of a group to the specified value.
hashboardoptsReturns the current hashboard options.
hashboardoptsset [1] [2]Changes the hashboard options.
healthchipgetReturns the health information of the entire board, or only a specific chip.
healthchipset [1] [2]Sets a chip as the next healthcheck target.
healthctrlReturns the current health check configuration.
healthctrlset [1] [2]Changes the healthcheck configuration.
killKills the current active session and records this occurrence in the log file.
lcdAlways zeros; exists only for compatibility.
limitsReturns miner parameter limits.
logoff [2]If the session is active, drops it.
logonCreates a new session and returns its ID.
logset [1] [2]Updates logging options.
netset [2]Updates network configuration.
pooloptsDisplays pool connection options.
pooloptsset [1] [2]Sets pool connection options.
pools [3]Lists all the pools, in order, and their statistics.
powerReturns the estimated power usage, in watts.
profileget [2]Returns detailed information about a profile.
profilenew [2]Creates a new profile.
profilerem [2]Removes an existing profile.
profilerestoreRestore a profile to its original configuration.
profilesLists the available profiles.
profileset [1] [2] [4]Assigns a profile to a given board.
reboot [2]Schedules a reboot for a given board.
rebootdevice [2]Reboots the mining rig.
removegroupRemoves a group, and all of its pools.
resetconfig [2]Resets the miner and network configuration.
resetminer [2]Resets the miner application.
removepool [1] [3]Removes a pool from the first group.
sessionReturns the ID of the active session.
statsShows a variety of miner stats.
summaryProvides the summary of all miner statistics.
switchpool [1] [3]Switches a given pool to the top priority.
tempctrlDisplays temperature control.
tempctrlset [1] [2]Sets the temperature control values.
tempsShows temperature data.
tempsensorDisplays temperature sensor options.
tempsensorset [1] [2]Updates temperature sensor options.
tunerstatusDeprecated. Shows the autotuner status
tunerswitchDeprecated. Enables/disables the autotuner
uninstallluxos [2]Uninstalls LuxOS from the miner and restores stock firmware.
updaterun [2]Manually runs the autoupdate.
updateset [1] [2]Changes autoupdate configuration.
versionPrints the API and application version.
voltagegetReturns the current voltage of a given board.
voltageset [2] [4]Sets the voltage of a given board.
[1]autosaveThis command triggers the autosave of the config file.
[2]sessionThis command requires a valid session.
[3]quirksThis command has extra fields or optional parameters on luxminer. See the command page for details.
[4]profileThis command triggers a profile change.