Firmware (LuxOS)
Miner Compatibility


While Luxor will strive to provide support to as many machines as possible, the current makes and models supported are limited to the list below.

Antminer 19 Series

S19 ModelControl BoardModel Number
VanillaXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicAll
S19 AXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB28611
Pro AXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB28501
ProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicAll
jProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB42601, BHB42603, BHB42621, BHB42631, BHB42641, BHB42651, BHB42821, BHB42831
jPro+Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB42612
K ProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB56902, BHB56903
XPXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB56801, BHB56802

Antminer 21 Series

S21 ModelControl BoardModel Number
S21AMLogicBHB68601, BHB68603
T21AMLogicBHB68701, BHB68703