Miner Compatibility


While Luxor will strive to provide support to as many machines as possible, the current makes and models supported are limited to the list below.

Antminer S19

S19 ModelControl BoardModel Number
VanillaXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicAll
ProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicAll
jProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB42601, BHB42603, BHB42621, BHB42631, BHB42641, BHB42651, BHB42821, BHB42831
jPro+Xilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB42612
K ProXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB56902
XPXilinx, BeagleBone, AMLogicBHB56801, BHB56802

Antminer S21

S21 ModelControl BoardModel Number
S21 (Beta)AMLogicBHB68601, BHB68603

Xilinx & BeagleBone can be installed with SD card image or remote install on NAND (on-site or VPN). AMLogic install is exclusively on NAND (on-site or VPN). NAND installs are performed by Luxor Team.

How to identify a miner model number?

Model numbers can be found on the sticker of the side (see pic 1) of the miner.

Model in the side of miner

side of the miner

Model in the hashboard

model in hashboard

How to identify which control board I have?

The easiest way to identify a controller is to look at the front interface panel of the machine where the ethernet port is located.


Xilinx control boards have a front-facing microSD card slot.

Xilinx Control Board

BeagleBone Black (BBB)

BBB control boards don't contain an external microSD card slot but they do have one available inside the chasis. You'll need to remove the front plate in order to access it.

BeagleBone Control Board

AM Logic

AM Logic control boards do not have an SD card slot (external or internal). AM Logic control boards have a front-facing MicroUSB interface.

AMLOGIC Control Board