Getting Started

Flash and Install LuxOS

SD Card Installation

Download and SD Card Imaging

Depending on your machine, the latest image of LuxOS can be found below. Presently, LuxOS only supports booting from an SD card. Visit our Luxor Firmware Download Center in order to get the last SD Card Image: Luxor Firmware Download Center (opens in a new tab).


Note: You can also enable the auto-update feature by default, ensuring you always have the latest firmware releases.

Flashing SD Card

This section describes how to create a LuxOS image on an SD Card to control a miner


  • Downloaded LuxOS for your model
  • Downloaded and installed OS Flashing tool such as balenaEtcher (opens in a new tab)
  • Unzipped LuxOS on the computer where you’ll insert your SD Card

Warning: prior to flashing your SD, ensure any relevant files or folders have been backed up.


Note: SD card capacity should have a minimum of 4 GB and should not exceed 16 GB.

Step 1

Flash from file and select the unzipped *.IMG File

Balena Etcher

Step 2

With the SD card inserted, select target and select the desired SD card

Balena Etcher Balena Etcher

Step 3

Select Flash and wait for the process to complete.

Balena Etcher

Step 4

Eject and remove the SD card and bring it to your machine.