Getting Started

Getting Started


Experience robust and resilient service with our Global Stratums at Luxor Mining Pool, providing you with uninterrupted, high-performance mining.

Our mining pool global endpoints automatically proxy your miner's TCP connection to the nearest available region, eliminating the need for regional settings or port numbers. In case of temporary downtimes in your region, our system seamlessly redirects your ASIC miner, or GPU miner, to the closest available region, preventing any loss in hashing.

Find the list below for Stratum addresses and their respective discounts to FPPS:

CoinStratumDiscount to FPPS
Equihash Switchstratum+tcp://

How To Use New Miner Dashboard

You can reach the new miner dashboard by selecting “Miners & Revenue” in the lefthand menu.

This dashboard is comprised of 2 different tabs:

  • Mining
  • Revenue


This is your miners and hashrate activity dashboard.

  • View activity up to a 24 hour interval and 30 day period
  • View data for Hashrate, Share Activity, and Mined Revenue
  • Filter, search, tag, and export Workers Table data


This is where you can review and extract your fleet revenue.

  • View numbers for Pending Balance, All Time Payouts, 24 Hour Revenue, and 30 Day Revenue
  • Filter by date, view, and export data from the Transactions table
  • View and export data from the Revenue History table

Mining Pool Setup

To connect your ASIC miner to the Luxor Mining Pool, navigate to the mining pool settings page on your ASIC miner's interface. Fill in the fields as follows:

  • URL: stratum+tcp:// (choose the correct one from the list above)
  • Worker: LuxorSubaccount.WorkerName (avoid using symbols or special characters as it may be invalid)
  • Password: 123 (avoid using symbols or special characters as it may be invalid)

After you are ready with the pool settings, press Save & Apply. This saves and applies the settings and also reboots the mining process.

Note: ensure you created the Subaccount you want to point your hashrate through the Luxor Mining Pool UI prior to configuring your ASICs.

How do I navigate and manage my subaccounts on the new platform?

Create Subaccount

“Create Subaccount” button → Type desired account name in modal input field → Click the “Create Subaccount” button to create the new subaccount.

Search Subaccounts

Type in “Search for a subaccount” text field to search subaccount list

Export Data

“Export” button → Automatic CSV download of extracted data

View/Edit Subaccount Details

  • From the subaccount list, select the chevron icon to view the account type, email address, and tags.
  • To edit, click on the “Edit” pencil icon, type in the “Luxor Account Email” text field, select the type of rights (either “Read” or “Update”), and then click the “Update Access” button to close the modal.
  • To delete, click on the “Trash” icon, then select “Yes, remove permissions”. Alternatively, click the “Cancel” button to close the modal.

What is FPPS (Full-Pay-Per-Share)?

In PPS the miner gets paid the expected value from the block reward. But block reward is only part of a miner revenue. The other part is transaction fees. FPPS is similar to PPS, but not only does it pay out for the expected block reward but also the transaction fees. FPPS calculates a standard transaction fee within a certain period of time and distributes it to miners. Luxor uses a rolling 144 block moving average to compute transaction fees.

Luxor is a purchaser of hashrate. FPPS pools purchase hashrate from miners at an agreed rate. In the case of Luxor, we purchase hashrate from you at a discount to spot FPPS (discount to spot is commonly known as pool fees).

Learn more about Hashprice here.

Subaccount Delegation

Part of the setup process can consist into sharing access your subaccount with other Luxor pool users.

Step 1 - Connect to your Luxor dashboard

Connect in your Dashboard using your Luxor credentials and go into the Subaccount Management section via the leftside panel.


Step 2 - Select your subaccount to share

Once on the subaccount view, find the subaccount that you want to share and click on the Delegate subaccount button.


Step 3 - Enter profile information

Now it's the time to specify who you want to share your subaccount with as well as to select which type of rights they need.


Note: The rights recipient needs to be an existing profile in Luxor Pools.


Below find what users can do when they receive update rights on your subaccount :

  • can delete machines
  • download revenue history
  • download transactions
  • create a wallet (owner will receives a notification)
  • update existing wallets (owner receives a notification)
  • update split percentage (owner receives a notification)
  • update the Payments Settings (threshold and Auto-withdraw)
  • delete watcher links
  • setup new notifications
  • modify notifications recipients

Voila you're all setup 🎉 !

Additional step - Check who has access to my subaccount ?

To check the current status of who has access to your subaccount, you have to click on the share subaccount button and check the Access Overview tab. You'll see all the profile that have access to your subaccount with which rights.