Hashprice Index

The value of hashrate is one of the most misunderstood concepts in mining. Hashrate itself has value and is traded OTC between miners and mining pools. We now track this value over time. Read more about Hashprice here.

ASIC Price Index

Rigs’ primary and secondary markets are opaque and hard to find the true value of ASIC hardware. We collected the price, hashrate, and electricity usage for dozens of SHA-256 miners over time and built a tracker for it.

You can find the ASIC Price Index here (opens in a new tab).

Bitcoin Mining Stocks

We aggregate publicly listed Bitcoin mining companies (opens in a new tab) to compare operating and trading performance. Using median trading multiples, investors can benchmark the expected value of mining operations.

Crypto Mining Stock Index

We've compiled a comprehensive index of Bitcoin mining-related stocks (opens in a new tab) of public mining rig manufacturers, foundries, and miners on the market today as well as how they stack in value, performance, and volatility.

The Index uses a quantitative, rules-based methodology to identify and weight a portfolio of approximately 50 crypto mining equity securities with the potential for capital appreciation, as described below:

The Universe - Construction of the Index begins with the universe of stocks that have a business line that generates revenue from cryptocurrency mining. The universe of stocks includes manufacturers that produce ASICs and GPUs (“Manufacturer” and “Manufacturers”), and companies that engage directly in mining cryptocurrency or hosting clients who engage in cryptocurrency mining (“Miner” and “Miners”). Portfolio Construction - At the time of each reconstitution of the Index, each Index constituent is weighted using the below methodology. The Index is reconstituted quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Diversified Weighting - The First stage of Index construction sorts eligible companies into two categories: pure-play mining companies (“Pure Play”) and diversified companies (“Diversified”) as determined by their top revenue generating business-line. Diversified companies are companies that do not have their primary business line related to cryptocurrency mining. These companies receive a 80% discount on their weighting. Thereafter, all businesses are further segmented into one of the following two categories: Manufacturer and Miner categories.

Bitcoin Mining ASIC Page

A database (opens in a new tab) of all the popular Bitcoin mining ASIC models, their specifications, and calculators for their daily revenue/profit.

Hashrate Converter

Our hashrate converter (opens in a new tab) makes it easy for Bitcoin miners, researchers, and whoever else to convert between hashrate measurements all up and down the scale. Seamlessly switch from terahashes (TH/s) to petahashes (PH/s) to exahashes (EH/s) and more.