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Sets the autotuner configuration. The parameters are the session_id, followed by a comma-separated list of key-value pairs, in the format key=value. The available keys are:

  • enabled: either true or false to enable or disable autotuner.
  • num_readings_scale: the scaling factor to the number of health readings for tuning evaluation. This is multiplied directly to the number of readings on healthctrlset, and cannot be lower than 1.0.
  • bad_chip_health_threshold: the performance threshold to evaluate if a chip is good or bad, for tuning reasons. For tuning purposes, a more strict value the normal one used in the healthchecker is recommended.

You can specify only the keys you want to change, and it can be done in any order. It is also safe to change autotuner configuration while it is running; there is no need to reboot or turn it off and on again.

The current autotuner configuration can be seen on the autotunerget command.

Note: If autosave is disabled, the changes will be lost after a reboot.


$ echo '{"command": "autotunerset", "parameter":"8iPe6JTy,enabled=true"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq


In this example, we enable autotuner and set all parameters. This change will be persistent (as long as autosave is enabled). To disable, just change the value to false:

$ echo '{"command": "autotunerset", "parameter":"8iPe6JTy,enabled=true,num_readings_scale=3,bad_chip_health_threshold=0.8"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq
      "BadChipHealthThreshold": 0.8,
      "Enabled": true,
      "NumReadingsScale": 3.0
  "STATUS": [
      "Code": 352,
      "Description": "LUXminer 2024.1.23.170004-442e3be1",
      "Msg": "Autotuner configuration set",
      "STATUS": "S",
      "When": 1706037806
  "id": 1


session_idA valid session ID. See Session Management for details.
paramsList of key-value parameters to change.

Field details

BadChipHealthThresholdThe performance threshold to consider a chip bad for tuning purposes.
EnabledEither true or false to enable or disable autotuner.
NumReadingsScaleThe scale or number of readings, relative to the health configuration, to use in the autotuner evaluation.