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Sets the options and limits used to manage pool connections. The parameters are the session_id, followed by a comma-separated list of key-value pairs, in the format key=value. The available keys are:

  • smart_switch: either true or false to enable or disable smart pool switching.
  • smart_switch_secs: the amount of time, in seconds, between each smart switch check.
  • timeout_secs: the amount of time, in seconds, for pool connection timeout.
  • max_errors: maximum number of errors to trigger a pool switch.
  • backoff_on_error: either true or false, to add an extra "backoff delay" between connection attempts.

Providing an invalid value is an error, and the limits can be checked by using the limits command. It is also safe to change this configuration at any time, but be aware that some of the values will only be applied on the next pool disconnect of a given group. You can see the current values with the poolopts command.

Note: If autosave is disabled, the changes will be lost after a reboot.


$ echo '{"command": "pooloptsset", "parameter":"tjqw4aNI,smart_switch=false,timeout_secs=10,max_errors=10"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq


In this example, we disable smart switch, but increase the number of tries and the timeout of new connections. This change will be persistent (as long as autosave is enabled).

$ echo '{"command": "pooloptsset", "parameter":"tjqw4aNI,smart_switch=false,timeout_secs=10,max_errors=10"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq
  "STATUS": [
      "Code": 342,
      "Description": "LUXminer 2023.8.2.172357-c4963c8",
      "Msg": "Pool options updated",
      "STATUS": "S",
      "When": 1691001723
  "id": 1


session_idA valid session ID. See Session Management for details.
paramsList of key-value parameters to change.