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Returns the version information. To make integration with existing tools more straightforward, LUXminer spoof some of these fields so that if an existing tool does not have explicit LUxminer support, you can still use it "as if" it was a different firmware product (for example, stock Bitmain firmware).


$ echo '{"command": "version"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq


$ echo '{"command": "version"}' | nc $MINER_IP 4028 | jq
  "STATUS": [
      "Code": 22,
      "Description": "LUXminer 2024.2.19.131822-ef17c0c4",
      "Msg": "LUXminer versions",
      "STATUS": "S",
      "When": 1672770089
  "VERSION": [
      "API": "3.7",
      "CompileTime": "Mon Feb 19 13:19:55 UTC 2024",
      "LUXminer": "2024.2.19.131822-ef17c0c4",
      "Miner": "2024.2.19.131822",
      "Type": "Antminer S9"
  "id": 1

Field details

APIAlways "3.7". This is the same number as the Github published CGMiner API, and is used for compatibility.
BMMinerAlways "1.0.0". Used to spoof BMMiner for compatibility reasons.
MinerAlways "uart_trans.1.3". Used to spoof stock Bitmain firmware.
CompileTimeActual timestamp of when this version was compiled.
LUXminerThe actual LUXminer version.
TypeDisplay name of the miner model.