Firmware (LuxOS)
LuxOS Commander
Upgrade LuxOS with Commander

Upgrade LuxOS with Commander


It is recomended to do any installation or upgrade of LuxOS in batches to limit the impact of the miners rebooting.

Scanning Network

Luxor Commander allows you to scan your network to discover mining machines. Follow these steps to perform a network scan:

  1. Open Luxor Commander.
  2. Click the Configure Network button. This will open a model where you can input a single miner IP, an IP range or multiple IP ranges.
  3. To start the scan, click the Scan Network button.

After the scan finishes you will see the list of miners that were discovered on your network. Apply filters if needed to narrow down the selection of miners to the list that requires a LuxOS upgrade.

Applying Upgrade

  1. Select the machines you want to update.
  2. Click on Configure Miners and you'll see the configuration screen pop-up.
  3. Navigate to Firmware and click on Stable to update to the latest stable release.
  4. Click Review, select the Miners per Batch and Wait between Batches and click Apply.
  5. You'll see the progress of the update on the screen.

An upgrade will cause the miners to reboot. Make sure that your infrastructure is prepared for the reboot of all miners selected.

Luxor Commander Update LuxOS

Confirming a successful upgrade.

After an upgrade of LuxOS, each miner will reboot and come back online. Once the miner is up, the LuxOS mining process starts, which will populate the various GUI fields and enable the hashboards.