Firmware (LuxOS)
LuxOS Commander
Install LuxOS

Install LuxOS

Scanning Network

Luxor Commander allows you to scan your network to discover mining machines. Follow these steps to perform a network scan:

  1. Open Luxor Commander.
  2. Click the Configure Network button. This will open a model where you can input a single miner IP, an IP range or multiple IP ranges.
  3. To start the scan, click the Scan Network button.

Luxor Commander Network Scan

Acceptable IP formats include:

  • Single IP:
  • IP Range:
  • IP Range:

After the scan finishes you will see the list of miners that were discovered on your network. If you enable Auto-Sync Commander will pull additional information from the miners and update the list.

Luxor Commander Miners

IP ranges will be automatically sorted and de-duplicated. Additionally, you can add a Label / Description to your IP range for easier identification.

Install LuxOS

Luxor Commander allows you to install LuxOS directly to NAND on miners with stock firmware.


During install, LuxOS will keep the current network and pool configuration of the miner.

  1. Select the machines you want to install. Leverage filters to select a specific group of miners. We suggest you start with a small group of miners first.
  2. Click the Install LuxOS button. A new screen will pop-up.
  3. Click Begin, review and accept the EULA and proceed with the installation.
  4. Click Start Install to initialize the installation process.

Luxor Commander Installing

After a few minutes you should see the install finish and your ASICs will boot into LuxOS. You're all done.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on here (opens in a new tab).