How to start using the RFQ platform?

You can view the platform with limited access if you are not logged in, and you will need to register a Luxor account at (opens in a new tab) and agree to our Terms of Use if you would like to use the platform. You may be subject to further AML/KYC checks before getting onboarded as a buyer.

Can I invite other members for my company?

Yes, by inviting other team members through Settings -> Team Management. You can either grant them view or full permissions. If a member has full permissions then they'll be able to answer and accept RFQs on behalf of the company.

Who are the sellers?

The sellers on our platform are a carefully selected group of vendors that have undergone rigorous screening, background checks, and AML/KYC verification conducted by Luxor. As a buyer, you will engage with Luxor as the Purchaser in the MSPA, which ensures an additional layer of protection and security for your transactions.

What can I purchase from the platform?

Currently, we only focus on providing Bitcoin ASICs on the platform. Our team will be adding more features and products for sale in near future to the platform.

How do I create an RFQ?

  1. Log in to the Luxor RFQ Platform using your Luxor account
  2. Go to “ASIC RFQs”
  3. Click “+ New RFQ” in the upper right corner
  4. Select “By Quantity” or “By Hashrate” in the RFQ Builder tabs
  5. Fill out the details of the products that you are looking for
  6. Click “Continue to Shipping” and choose the desired shipping method, and your ship-to destination (state and country).
  7. Click “Continue to disclaimers”
  8. Review the Terms of Use and check off “I agree to Terms of Use”
  9. Click “Submit”
  10. Your RFQ will be assigned an RFQ ID and shows up in your dashboard and you can filter your own RFQs by clicking the “My RFQs” button on the top right of the dashboard.

How many RFQs can I submit at one time?

You can respond to 5 RFQs in total each time. Sellers with high volume can request an increase by emailing [email protected].

What do ask prices submitted by sellers include?

The prices are provided under the EXW term by default, which only represents the USD value of the machines but does not reflect any other costs such as applicable sales tax, VAT, HST, shipping, storage banking/crypto transfer fees, etc. A DDP price may be available in the Order Form upon your request, please email [email protected] if you have any questions about pricing.

Please note, if you are picking up from or shipping to an address outside of the U.S., any communication around taxes or duties is for information only and does not construe any legal or tax advice. You are fully responsible for obtaining necessary information about the tax or similar obligations arising from the use of our services and platform. You also acknowledge that we are not responsible for obtaining the mentioned information nor for the fulfillment of such tax (or similar) obligations.

Can I request additional information from the Seller?

Yes, please please email [email protected] with the Ask ID.

How do I get notified if someone submitted an ask to my RFQ?

You will be notified both on the platform and via email.

Can I make changes to or void an existing RFQ of mine?

You can edit or cancel an existing RFQ. Note that abuse of this functionality might result in your account being locked.

How long is it before my RFQ expires?

You can choose expiration when creating your RFQ: 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days. Your RFQ will expire and is no longer available for sellers to submit asks when it expires.

Is a DOA term available?

Depends on the inventory for sale. We provide a 5-day examination period for buyers to inspect the delivered hardware.

What are the next steps if I accept one of the asks submitted to my RFQ?

One team member of ours will be reaching out and sending you the necessary documents for execution. You can also use this point of contact for more information on the inventory.

Can I use a third-party escrow service?

Not currently, in select deals Luxor will act as the escrow.