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Miner Failed to Initialize

Miner Initialization Failure


The miner will boot, but the hashboards never start mining. The hashboards are listed as dead in the UI.


There are several reasons why LuxOS is not able to initialiaze a hashboard(s). Examine the logs for entries similar to the following:

Ticket Mask

A hashboard does enumerate as expected but the chips do not respond with a ticket mask. In this scenario LuxOS will not run that board.

ERROR ThreadId(28) luxminer::asics19: Initialization of hashboard failed hashboard_controller_id=1 err=Fewer ticket mask responses than expected.

DEBUG ThreadId(10) luxminer::watcher::bus: RebootBoard: hashboard_id=1 reason=AsicInitFailure

WARN ThreadId(19) luxminer::asic::reboot: Rebooting board; automatic start scheduled [long_reboot, 2/5 - asic initialization failure] hashboard_id=1

Ramping Issues

Failed at detecting PSU / Hashboards:

Error: No I2C addresses found; startup will be aborted.

Failed at setting and reading back desired frequency:

ERROR ThreadId(13) luxminer::boardrt::ramp: Too many frequency read errors; the entire ramping step will be aborted. 

Failed at setting and reading back desired voltage:

RROR ThreadId(11) luxminer::boardrt::ramp: Too many voltage read misses; the entire ramp process will be aborted for this board.

Power Loss

If the miner experiences a power loss, LuxOS will power off the hashboards with a Board Not Hashing Error.

Fan Loss

If the minimum required fans exceeds the count of working fans LuxOS will attempt to restart the miner to solve it.

2024-05-08T20:13:25.984000-0300 ERROR ThreadId(17) luxminer::fan: FanPanic triggered working_fans=3 min_fans=4

High Temperature (S19 and S21)

ERROR ThreadId(10) luxminer::fan: sent poweroff signal to hashboard due to high temperature! hashboard_id=2 temperature=73.0 limit=73.0
DEBUG ThreadId(07) luxminer::watcher::bus: RebootBoard: hashboard_id=2, reason=HighTemperature
WARN ThreadId(12) luxminer::asic::reboot: Rebooting board; automatic start scheduled [stage2, 1/5 - temperature too high] hashboard_id=2
DEBUG ThreadId(07) luxminer::watcher::bus: PowerOff: hashboard_id=2

S21 Chip OverTemp

WARN ThreadId(16) luxminer::fan: Chip die temp exceeds 100C! board=1, chip=27, temperature=100.56916999999999C


If LuxOS doesn't identify / support the hashboards it will show a message similar to the following:

Error: Multiple board types detected at once (2); startup will be aborted.

Each issue presents its own troubleshooting steps, however most issues are related to:

  • Hardware issues (hashboard, cable, PSU, Fan, etc)
  • Temperature issues

The recomended action in most cases is to examine the hardware for any physical issues or reach out to LuxOS Firmware support (opens in a new tab).