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Ports and Protocols for LuxOS

LuxOS requires specific network configurations to ensure efficient and secure communication with external resources. This guide provides detailed information about the necessary ports and their respective protocols that need to be open on your network firewall.

DNS (Domain Name System)

  • Port Number: 53
  • Protocol: UDP (primarily) and TCP
  • Direction: Outbound
  • Purpose: DNS is crucial for the resolution of domain names into IP addresses which LuxOS uses to access pools and firmware update servers.
  • Security Note: While DNS primarily uses UDP, TCP is also required for larger query responses or zone transfers (mostly in larger or more complex network settings).

Configuring Firewall Rules for DNS

Allow outbound UDP and TCP traffic on port 53 to DNS servers configured in the LuxOS network settings.

Mining Pool Connection

  • Port Number: 700
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Direction: Outbound
  • Purpose: This port is used for the connection between the miner and the mining pool, facilitating the transmission of shares.
  • Connection Example: stratum+tcp://

Configuring Firewall Rules for Mining Pool Connectivity

Allow outbound TCP traffic on port 700 to

Best Practices for Network Configuration

  1. Validation: Regularly validate that the correct ports are open and accessible, using tools like telnet or nc (netcat) to test connectivity.
  2. Security Monitoring: Employ continuous monitoring of network traffic on these ports to detect and respond to potential security threats promptly.
  3. Update and Patch Management: Keep the firewall and network infrastructure up to date with the latest security patches and updates.
  4. Access Controls: Implement strict access controls and rules on the firewall to limit connections only to known IPs or address ranges where possible.