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Upgrade LuxOS on a single miner

Single Miner LuxOS Upgrade


I need to upgrade a single miner. How do I do that through the miner UI?



This can be completed in Commander, however in some instances it needs to be completed in the GUI of the miner itself.

  1. Navigate the miner IP address in the browser.
  2. In the miner UI, select the settings section in the left hand navigation menu.
  3. Select the Firmware tab in the settings menu.
  4. Note the current firmware version and once stored, click the Check and Install last Update button.

This will check for any updates on the stable branch (if no previous configuration changed the branch to the preview branch) and start the upgrade if a later release is available. No user interaction is required. The miner will upgrade in the background and reboot when it is complete.


For fleet wide upgrades, see Upgrading LuxOS with Commander