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Fewer chips than expected

Fewer chips than expected


A miner fails to ramp up to the appropriate hashrate and never recovers. The following log entries are observed on an S19 platform running LuxOS.

2024-03-11T22:35:26.636495Z ERROR ThreadId(27) luxminer::asics19: Initialization of hashboard failed hashboard_controller_id=0 err=Fewer chips than expected

2024-03-11T22:35:26.640345Z INFO ThreadId(29) luxminer::asics19::asics19_initialize: ASIC Enumeration, Chip count (initialization) hashboard_id=2 count=9

2024-03-11T22:35:26.640481Z WARN ThreadId(20) luxminer::asic::reboot: Rebooting board; automatic start scheduled [stage1, 1/5 - asic enumeration failure] hashboard_id=0


This error indicates that one or more hashboards are not reporting the correct number of chips. The recomended action is to shutdown the miner and inspect the hashboards for any physical damage.

To determine which hashboard should be inspected, see the Hashboard Identification KB.

LuxOS will not allow hashboards that are not reporting the correct number of chips to fully initialize. You can bypass this behavior by changing the NoPic protection settings, which is found under advanced settings, to false.


Hashboard AutoRecovery and NoPIC Shutdown