Payments by Time Interval

At Luxor Mining Pool, we offer convenient Time Interval payouts, allowing any ASIC miner to receive payments every day. This mechanism disburses your previous day's mining proceeds post UTC 00, provided your mining rewards surpass the minimum payment threshold.

Payments by Threshold

For a more personalized approach, you can set your own payment threshold (cryptocurrency amount) and time interval (1 to 24 hours) to schedule your mining proceeds withdrawals. Once your balance reaches both thresholds (amount and time interval since the previous payout), our payment processor will automatically issue a payout to your stored address, withdrawing your entire balance at the time of payment.

The payment processor runs every hour on the top of the hour.

Payment Thresholds

Equihash Switch0.0010.5

In order to receive a payment you must exceed the minimum payment threshold. Otherwise the Payment Processor won't issue one.

Missing Payouts

If you don't see payouts in your wallet, check the coin's Blockchain Explorer to locate the transaction. If the transaction is listed, re-sync your wallet with the blockchain to ensure all your coins are accounted for. If unsuccessful, consider restoring the wallet from your seeds.

Wrong Wallet Address

Remember, the unique beauty of blockchain is its permanence, meaning it can't be modified - not even by us at Luxor. So, as you venture into your mining journey, make sure to double-check your payout address when updating your payment preferences. This simple step will ensure a seamless experience and help you avoid any missteps.