Hashrate Index

Hashrate Index

Hashrate Index demystifies Bitcoin mining data. Hashrate Index’s data dashboards include the Hashprice Index for quantifying the revenue potential of a unit of Bitcoin mining hashrate when using a full-pay-per share pool like Luxor, ASIC Price Index for tracking weekly asking prices for Bitcoin mining machines, Bitcoin mining network data, and Bitcoin mining stock information.

Our team also produces high-quality Bitcoin mining research and analysis in the form of quarterly and technical reports, as well as weekly newsletters (opens in a new tab) sent to over 10,000 readers. We also offer premium subscription feeds for data, research, and models as part of Hashrate Index Premium.

Hashrate Index Premium

We offer premium research (opens in a new tab) for monthly and annual subscriptions. These subscriptions come in three tiers and include a variety of different Bitcoin mining data, research, and models.

Quarterly Reports
API Access
Quarterly Projections Hashprice, Difficuly & Hashrate
Excel & CSV Model Outputs
Weekly ASIC Clearing Prices
15s Hashprice NDF Settlement Rate
Price150 USD/month OR 1,500 USD/year575 USD/month OR 5,750 USD/year3,000 USD/month OR 30,000 USD/year

Hashrate Index Silver

Includes a premium version of our quarterly reports (opens in a new tab) and an API key for all of Hashrate Index's data sets, including hashprice, ASIC prices, energy consumption index, network data, and more.

Hashrate Index Gold

Includes everything in the Silver tier and quarterly projection reports for hashprice, difficulty, and hashrate, (opens in a new tab) as well quarterly reports on Bitcoin transaction fee forecasting (opens in a new tab). The reports include the model outputs in EXCEL or CSV format.

Hashrate Index Platinum

Includes everything in the Silver and Gold tiers plus weekly ASIC Price Index (opens in a new tab) clearing price data -delivered weekly- and an API key for the 15 second hashprice settlement rate Luxor's Derivatives Desk uses for its Hashprice NDF contracts.