Firmware (LuxOS)
Hashrate Split

Hashrate Splitting

A feature provided by LuxOS is hash rate splitting. It provides users the ability to allocate fractions of total hash rate generated by a machine to multiple pools. This feature may be useful for a wide variety of mining operators.

The math is simple enough to support payout configurations as simple or complex as needed. To set up hash rate splitting:

  1. Configure all of the pools and workers that will receive hash rate.
  2. Determine the allocations of hash rate per pool (for simplicity, use whole numbers that add to 100).
  3. Enter these numbers into the quota box of each group.

LuxOS Hashrate Splitting

Luxor Firmware's hashrate fractions are calculated dynamically. If a mining pool becomes unresponsive, the splitting feature automatically adjusts to distribute hash rate to the remaining mining pools accordingly.

Example In Figure 1, the quotas all add up to 100, so the percent of hashrate contributed to all 4 mining pools matches the quotas. Figure 2 shows the updated percentages to account for the removal of Pool 2 as a recipient of hashrate.

LuxOS Hashrate Splitting

Figure 1: All Pools Active

LuxOS Hashrate Splitting

Figure 2: Pool 2 Unresponsive