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Subaccount Management
Get Subaccount Access List

Get Subaccount Access List


query getSubaccounts {
  users(first: 10) {
    nodes {


  "data": {
    "users": {
      "nodes": [
          "username": ""


  • uname (String!)

  • first (Int) Only read the first n values of the set.

  • last (Int) Only read the last n values of the set.

  • offset (Int) Skip the first n values from our after cursor, an alternative to cursor based pagination. May not be used with last.

  • before (Cursor) Read all values in the set before (above) this cursor.

  • after (Cursor) Read all values in the set after (below) this cursor.



A filter to be used in determining which values should be returned by the collection.

type GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter {
  email: StringFilter
  roles: StringFilter
  and: [GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter!]
  or: [GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter!]
  not: GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter
  • email (StringFilter) Filter by the object’s email field.

  • roles (StringFilter) Filter by the object’s roles field.

  • and ([GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter!]) Checks for all expressions in this list.

  • or ([GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter!]) Checks for any expressions in this list.

  • not ([GetSubaccountAccessListRecordFilter]) Negates the expression.



A connection to a list of GetSubaccountAccessListRecord values.

type GetSubaccountAccessListConnection {
  nodes: [GetSubaccountAccessListRecord!]!
  edges: [GetSubaccountAccessListEdge!]!
  totalCount: Int!
  • nodes [GetSubaccountAccessListRecord!]!

The return type of our getSubaccountAccessList query.

type GetSubaccountAccessListRecord {
  email: String
  roles: String
  • edges [GetSubaccountAccessListEdge!]!

A list of edges which contains the GetSubaccountAccessListRecord and cursor to aid in pagination.

type GetSubaccountAccessListEdge {
  cursor: Cursor
  node: GetSubaccountAccessListRecord!
  • totalCount (Int)

The count of all GetSubaccountAccessListRecord you could get from the connection.