Luxor Features


What is Catalyst?

Catalyst allows miners to get paid in Bitcoin with any alt-coin miner. If your machine can mine one of our supported coins, then you can mine Bitcoin today. Just register for a user account, turn on Catalyst, and start earning satoshis.

How to enable Catalyst?

Enabling Catalyst is extremely simple, you need:

  • A Luxor account
  • A Bitcoin Wallet Address
  • Mine one of our supported Altcoins

After you login into our Pool, you’ll need to add a Bitcoin address. To do so, navigate to the subaccount you're mining, select Bitcoin from the top-left dropdown and update your Bitcoin address. Then, you can enable Catalyst from the Catalyst Tab located in the Miners page.

Supported Coins

We currently support Catalyst for ZCash, Horizen and LTC/DOGE merged mining. Catalyst is not available for Sia.

How does it work under-the-hood?

The mining process remains untouched. Miners start hashing one of the supported altcoins and their account gets paid out through our PPS reward structure. The only difference is that we are purchasing your hashrate in Bitcoin.

Equihash Switch

What is Equihash Switch?

Luxor Switch is a profit-switching algorithm that increases the value of our miner’s hashrate by switching between chains. We are happy to offer a product that further increases the profitability of mining operations.

We are starting by offering support for Equihash mining. If you have an Equihash miner you can send your shares directly to us and get paid in Bitcoin.

How to enable Equihash Switch?

Enabling Equihash Switch is extremely simple, you need:

  • A Luxor account
  • Equihash Hashrate (Antminer Z15/Z11/Z9, Inno A9+/A9, Nicehash, etc)
  • A Bitcoin Wallet Address

Setting up User Account

If you don’t have a Luxor account, start by signing up here: (opens in a new tab)

Setting up Workers

After you login into our platform, the Dashboard tab will give you an option to add new workers.


After you have scanned your machine and configured your network settings it is then time to set up Switch.


It automatically proxies your miner’s TCP connection to the nearest available region without having to think about regional settings or port numbers. Additionally, if the nearest region is temporarily down for various reasons (bugs, cloud-provider maintenance, etc) then your miner will automatically get redirected to the nearest region to prevent any loss in hashing.

Workername can be anything, but avoid using symbols or special characters as it may be invalid.

Setting up your Payouts

Final step: add a Bitcoin address. Go to Settings section (top-right corner), enter a valid address and define your payment threshold. Thresholds can be as low as 0.001 BTC to as large as 0.5 BTC.

Monitoring performance

Workers become visible on the Mining page in about 5 minutes. Once visible, go to Overview to view hashrate statistics for all miners in operation.



Luxor Pool Referral


Note: Luxor's referral program only applies to Bitcoin mining.

How much do I earn when I refer someone to Luxor Pool ?

Currently, the default referral rate is 10% of the pool fees we receive from the referee.

How do I Refer a Friend?

The first step will be to create a code.


Once this code is created make sure to share it, so the referral will insert it while onboarding in Luxor Mining Pool.


How/When are my referral rewards paid out?

Referral rewards are credited to the users balance daily at 2:00 AM GMT.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes, your code has an expiration date (1 year after the code creation date) once you reach this date your referral rewards will also expire.

Hashrate Splitting Report


Note: This feature has been designed to generate reports only, the split does not impact the revenue or the shares in any way.

Reach the “Revenue” tab by selecting “Miners ” in the lefthand menu.

Here you can enable Hashrate Nameplate Split and Hashrate Uplift Split. Toggle each section to enable/disable → input desired percentage into text fields.

Hashrate Nameplate Split

How much hashrate from each worker nameplate spec is allocated to the miner and to the facility in the report.

e.g : if the miner wants to allocate 5% of each worker hashrate towards its facility it would need to input 95% (100% - 5%).

Hashrate Uplift Split

How much hashrate from each worker uplift (performance over nameplate spec including hashrate nameplate split) is allocated to the miner and to the facility in the report.

e.g : if the miner wants to allocate 50% of the uplift towards its facility it would input 50% (100% - 50%). If this parameter is used in conjunction with hashrate nameplate split the uplift will be considered after applying the first param.