What is OrdinalHub?

OrdinalHub is a ‘hub’ where users can learn about ordinals, leverage unique ordinal-specific tooling, and stay abreast of trading activity across all marketplaces.

Examples of tools OrdinalHub has built to support the growing ordinals ecosystem include the ‘Price-Tracker’, ‘Sat-Scanner’ & ‘GORD API’.

Price Tracker

OrdinalHub pulls data from across the ordinals ecosystem to allow users to gauge trending inscription collections. The price tracker is the most comprehensive tool to view trading volume, floor prices, across every major marketplace.

You can find Price Tracker here (opens in a new tab).

Sat Scanner

The SatScanner takes a wallet address and searches through the bitcoin you own (UTXO set) to find any unique satoshis that you may have. Certain satoshis have sold in excess of $1,000 USD.

While we can manually separate the special sats into their own UTXOs, we do not have this process automated at scale. We'll continue to develop this implementation, but if you if you enter your email address after your scan we may contact you to help separate your special sats. In the meantime, be cautious spending from this address (specifically, the UTXO that the sat resides on) to avoid the risk of losing your 'unique' sat.

You can find Sat Scanner here (opens in a new tab).


OrdinalHub rebuilt the ‘ord’ client from the ground up in golang. This enables not only redundancy and resiliency in the market, but also speed and flexibility for builders to access.

Our instance of the Ordinals Client is a standalone indexer that identifies ordinals inscriptions to enable rich user experiences and business models to be built on top.

Check our API pricing and details here (opens in a new tab).