Inscription FAQ


How do I create a bitcoin ordinal inscription with OrdinalHub?

You can head to (opens in a new tab) to get started, or view the following how-to guide.

What file types are accepted?

OrdinalHub’s inscription service has the most available file types to add on the market. This includes text, html, json, jpeg, png, webp and more. To view a comprehensive list of these you can view them here.

How much does inscribing cost?

Inscribing a Bitcoin Ordinal is a one time fee, and can depend on a handful of factors, including file size, inscription padding, network & service fees. We make it very easy within the tool to view the following: File/Inscription size (bytes) - the lower the data size of your inscription(s) the lower the overall cost will be. Sats in Inscription - padding of 546 sats is standard and included on a per inscription bases to ensure your ordinal fits bitcoin core’s standardness rules. Network fees: the bitcoin network has a fluctuating cost to transact depending on how empty or congested a block is at the time of transacting. This can vary from 1sat/vbyte or much higher.
Service fees: OrdinalHub charges a small per inscription fee to add on bitcoin forever. This fee is 1999 sats per inscription, but only for the first 25 inscriptions for any given job.

What is the largest file size allowed?

400kb is the maximum standard file size. Alternatively, a pool such as Luxor has the capability to perform what is called an out of band transaction up to 4MB, but is not a streamlined service through the inscription tool yet. If you are interested in learning more about this, please check out our ‘Professional Services’ page.

Can I inscribe multiple files or file types all at once?

Yes! Our tool is unique in that you can switch between multiple file types and continue to add to your order. This means you can switch between single text, bulk text, and then also upload one or more files from your computer for a single job.

How do I pay for the inscription service?

We provide three options to make the process simple: QR Code scan from bitcoin wallet Send to the inscription job address Connect compatible wallet in browser to pay from balance

How do I hold/custody my bitcoin ordinal inscriptions?

Most people use either Xverse, Leather (formerly Hiro) or Unisat as they are the most user friendly as an ordinals aware web wallets. Advanced users may use their own ‘ord client’ or also Sparrow Wallet.

How fast will I receive my bitcoin ordinal inscriptions after I send my payment?

We have the fastest available inscription tool. This means that as soon as your bitcoin payment is submitted (does not need to be confirmed on chain), we begin the process of inscribing. As soon as your payment is confirmed on the bitcoin network, your inscription will arrive in your wallet as well. One consideration which could result in your bitcoin ordinal inscription from not arriving in one block is the transaction fee rate that you choose at the time of confirming your inscription job with the OrdinalHub inscribe tool. We allow you to choose the fee rate with a few different options depending on your urgency.

Why is my inscription taking a long time?

While we have the fastest inscription tool on the market, there are other factors that can result in your inscription transaction not being included in the next block. These include: Block timing - on average by design, blocks of transactions are mined and added to the bitcoin blockchain every 10 minutes. Depending on how many miners are ‘hashing’ and the probabilistic nature of finding the correct answer, blocks can happen in 1 minute or upwards of 1 hour.
Transaction fee variability - Depending on the fee rate you choose when uploading files, this can have an impact on job completion timing. If your fee rate is ‘Normal’, but there is more demand for blockspace on the bitcoin network, miners will optimize to choose the transactions with the highest fees. This may mean that your transaction will still be in line. The bitcoin network kind of works like a bus line, where each customer is willing to pay a certain amount to get on the bus when it arrives. But, the bus driver will allow those who pay the highest amount to get on. If you missed the bus, the next bus may pick you up depending on how congested the line is at that time and how much people are willing to pay.

How do I check the status of my inscription job?

Once you are in the payment step of your inscription job, the page will automatically refresh once you’ve submitted your payment and it is identified in the mempool. You can also go to to view all of your current and previous jobs (locally stored) to check on the status. From there, you will see ‘Inscribing’. Once the next block is mined and your transaction is included, your screen will automatically refresh and show minted. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘View TX’ link and monitor the status at When your transaction is complete/minted, your screen will automatically refresh and show minted. At this point you will also be able to click ‘View Inscription’ to see a separate page with the data/image you added! You will also be able to view this inscription within the wallet you chose to receive it in.

Can I increase my fee rate to speed up my inscription order?

Once you make a payment to inscribe, you are unable to adjust this. But, during the file upload stage, you are able to choose from the following options:

‘Economy’ - If you are not in a rush you can choose ‘Economy’, but may take a few blocks to successfully inscribe depending on changing network fee rates. ‘Normal’ - This is the best estimation of transaction fee rates that will result in a successful transaction and confirmation in the current block. Fee rates can change by the second, so depending on where they are once your payment is submitted, the inscription transaction may not be included in the current block. ‘Fast/Custom’ - This option gives you the standard ‘High Priority’ setting, but you are also able to enter in a lower or higher fee rate of your choosing, depending on the urgency of your inscription.

How are the fee rates determined?

Current fee rates are pulled directly from and have no additional charges applied. This provides you with the best estimation of the cost to transact on bitcoin, while taking into account the size of the transaction.

How long do I have to submit a payment once I have

You have 60 minutes to submit a payment.

Can I use lightning to make a payment?

We don’t accept lightning yet, but many custodial lightning wallets will automatically allow you to send bitcoin from your lightning wallet and auto convert to be sent on chain. For example, Strike or Wallet of Satoshi.

Can I pay with USD or other fiat currencies?

Not at this time.

Can I pay with USDT, USDC or other cryptocurrencies?

Not at this time.